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Practice Makes Perfect
May 2nd, 2016

Camera Kit
The are a few supplies you will need to complete your first sissy task for Empress. A ruler. A device to capture images and videos. A throwaway cell phone of quality works best. It’s easy to hide/explain and just needs a wifi signal for you to complete your task. An old ipod touch will work just fine. If you don’t have them already you will also need a mount and tripod. I want you to be able to capture everything for your Goddess.

Sissy Supply Kit
Now the fun part. Dressing yourself all smutty for Empress. I understand that some of you don’t have a wardrobe due to your relationship status. So for this task head to a Walmart or Ross and grab a cheap bra and panty set. Then find you some sexy heels at a Payless. I don’t care if it’s a bathing suit and heels. Then you will have something cheap you can toss them in the trash when you are finished with this assignment. For your whores that have every thing. Go all out and put your best Sissy forward.

For your ass you’ll need a dildo four inches or longer. A banana, cucumber or something phallic in nature. All you virgins are going to needs some lube for this task. Find some hypoallergenic not scented kind. So your asshole is not burning. And some of those KY brands do burn.

F.Y.I While it’s Halloween time go and pick you up some heels. Be Frank N. Furter this year. It’s the best excuse to have a real pair of heels around that fit. So you can have them handy for Mistress.

The Sissy Assignment in the gallery above was completed by My bitch zello.

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