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What They Say

Her pictures do not do her justice. She is truly all she says and more.Each session was better than the last.You will not want to see anyone else once you see the EMPRESS. -dennis in Seattle

Dear Empress Blaque,I would like to thank You very much for the most exciting session of my life! I have had over forty hours of Pro Domination experience all around the world, with mixed levels of satisfaction. Yesterday, I found my true place and purpose. Suffering for Your pleasure was a great pleasure in its own. I do not have to search for a beautiful, intelligent and cruel Goddess anymore. From now on I belong under Your feet! Welcome to the Hampton Roads (Virginia) Area! -slave john

All i can say is AWESOME. She is a fully equipped professional that is beautiful, experienced and deliciously devilish. She took me places i had not dreamed of before but I am eager to revisit. Mistress Blaque met me at her door radiating power from her smile, her attire and her attitude. She made me give up my clothes and stretched my inhibitions to their limit with cuffs, parachute, weights and leather. Her deep and unique laughter was an apt reward for enduring the pain and pleasure. The last half of the session was an electrifying set of new experiences to say the least. Empress Blaque’s deep and unique laughter was an apt reward for enduring the pain and pleasure she inflicted wit an array of toys and tools worthy of any commercial dungeon. Empress Blaque is a rare and welcome addition to the coastal region of Virginia. If you are ready to serve an authentic pro, apply to serve Her. You won’t get your way, but you’ll not be disappointed. If you’re a poseur looking for a hooker with a whip, check Craig’s List. Meanwhile, i’ll be applying for another session with Angelique Blaque as soon as possible. -sub2domme of Virginia

Mistress, My visit with Mistress Blaque was amazing. She took total control. I was made to feel helpless. She pushed my limits and definitely put me in my place. Her beauty is matched only by her devilish need to make me her little bitch. I could tell that she enjoys her profession. -Strap on Slave of Tacoma
Empress Blaque allowed me to serve and worship her recently. From the moment I was stripped and kneeling at Empress’ feet I knew I was in the presence of a real female supremacist. Empress looked down at me and spat in my face. I am very grateful for the opportunity to serve Empress for the more than 2.5 half hours I was permitted. I can’t wait for the next opportunity to worship the most incredibly beautiful and domineering Goddess in the area. -Slut-Toy

If there was an expression that could move hearts and captivate minds, she has done just that in more way than one way and to more people than you will know for that reason I admit I slipped, tripped, and became totally distracted by your beauty. I wish I could be your personal object just to see if all you can do to a man could break my spirit and turn me into your bitch forever. -Terrie of Philadelphia

Mistress,Thank you for allowing this slave to join – it is an honor and a privilege to be near her. -Slave Barry
I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed today. You are a beautiful and talented woman. I know the memories will be great till I can see you again. -Q. S.

My bottom was blistered again and this time huge thing put inside for being very naughty. After a scalding hot punishment enema, my bottom was ripped open with huge strap-on’s to punish me even more. My bare bottom was blistered the worst ever for being so naughty and it’s only going to get worse because Empress blisters longer and harder when I do bad things. Empress blistered my bottom so bare I had to take a sick day. -Naughty Girl

The Empress is much more than just an incredibly beautiful, powerful, refined and classy Goddess. She is also blessed with a wonderful sense of humor and is a delight to spend time with. Even if you find yourself the victim of unspeakable degradation and inescapable torment! -Her Caged Panty Slut

Empress is a real dominant woman, very charming and really enjoys in what she does. These are key ingredients for the perfect session… Each time I worship her, I get to experience the most intense feelings, I get to serve and be used by a real goddess. She is by far the most “real” Mistress I have ever met and the can transform you to the perfect slave… always looking forward to seeing You Empress -Slave for the Empress

Empress Blaque is the most wonderful Dom that a Sub could ask for. She is gentle but firm and is always very inventive in her quest to bring me to full satisfaction. Her experience in many areas is a plus during her sessions with me. She respects my limits and is careful about bringing me to the edge of my limits while at the same time continuing to expand my tolerance for more. I feel much honored to have Empress Blaque as my Dominatrix. -Slave/Slut Doug (Douglas Nash) Port Townsend, WA

Upon entering Mistresses domain, I fell under her spell. You can see me hooded in her photo albums. I was lost and she led… She is an incredible lady. -Play Toy

The Empress made me into the slave that I am today. She got me to stretch my limits in ways that I never thought possible. Whenever I leave her I feel as if my deepest desires have been filled. She is sexy tough and demanding. -Puppy

Mommy Blaque has been my mommy for about six years now. She has been a great mommy to me and has kept me diapered for extended periods of time. She has slowly reduced me to a 6 month old infant wanting her more and more. I have been forced back to baby food and a bottle. I’M unable to keep dry at night and have messed my diaper several times. She delights in seeing this and takes great pride in her job, to turn all men back to babies. I highly recommend her for all helpless males in the Seattle area… -Baby Scotty

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