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Port Townsend Motel
March 24th, 2016

I had rented a room at the Port Townsend Motel the night before. As I approached the door I could only feel my stomach quake. I was so nervous. As I was about to knock, the door opened. In front of me was a woman I had never seen before, but she seemed to know me. She told me to come in. As I entered the room I saw Empress Blaque and a big black dude. I knew I was in trouble, but I was excited about it. I have really loved being forced to suck cock, get fucked in the ass, and eat lots of cum. I had the feeling my dream was about to come true.

That was the first fantasy idea I came up with before I talked to Empress and gave her a choice of having me tied-up nude in a motel room or tied-up nude in the back of her car. I know she was hoping to kidnap me if she got a chance. She promptly came up with the choice of me being nude in the back of her car. I could feel the deepening feeling that I was about to know the real meaning of being abducted, kidnapped, and/or being a sex slave for the length of time that Empress demanded.

I love the idea of being completely under a sexy woman’s control with no way out. I am scared but I want to know what it’s like to be snatched and made to sign a contract to perform in porn movies. I will always try to get away after being captured unless I am in a position of not being able to. If all my and all other clothes I may come into contact with are kept well out of my reach, it would be a huge hindrance. Being kept constrained at all times when not being monitored would be advisable. Being kept in a cage while everyone is asleep would also be advisable. I should never be allowed to wear normal clothing ever. Even letting me keep warm with a blanket would be taking a huge risk. Of course I should be made to wear a pink garter belt and pink garters to dress me up like a porn star when I am performing and/or being gang-banged.

I remember Empress fucking me with a huge dildo in front of her webcam while over 200 people watched in a chat room on for about an hour. I hope Empress brings the largest black dildo she owns and shoves it up my ass while I am nude and bound in the back of her friend’s van. If she brings a dude to my kidnapping, I hope she forces me to suck his cock for hours on end and has me fucked in the ass by his cock, Empress’s dildo and her friend’s dildo again, and again, and again. Maybe Empress will want to expose me and humiliate me to the maximum for all the movies I have neglected to make for her under the old contracts I signed for her. I can imagine Empress’s friend’s van pulling into a Safeway or Wal-Mart parking lot, or the park & ride lot next to Safeway and pulling in next to some girl’s car and asking if she and/or her friends would like to see something. Naturally, I would be standing nude in the back of the van while my wrists and ankles were fastened to the frames of the bare interior of the van.

If Empress was so inclined maybe she would instruct her friend to drive into some woods along some neglected dirt road. I know of some places in the mountains. Empress and her friends could take me, while almost completely nude, into the woods and take turns raping me and forcing me to suck cock outdoors. That would be so exciting!

Maybe Empress knows of someone that lives in or near Port Townsend where numerous activities could transpire. If not, I believe she will take me to a motel in Seattle, make me enter nude, and allow her to do anything and everything she wants to do to me for as long as she wants. I hope it’s the woods. Maybe Empress will want me to make bestiality moves, with me being fucked by dogs, ponies, burros, donkeys, horses, and mules. I doubt I would be able to not do what Empress Blaque wants me to do, ever. Maybe Empress Blaque will send more movies and pictures to people that know me in Port Townsend. I really wish she would post all of my pictures and videos she can on the first page of her website so anyone could see pictures of me.

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